What kind of experience is the best food?

I am often asked if the best food is an experience. I think that the best food has surpassed the highest standard of food color, and has come to the category of artistic creation, which belongs to the high-latitude intellectual performance. To put it simply, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which ended in Shanghai recently, the artificial intelligence robots on display exhibited hand-washed coffee, picked tea leaves, and burned braised pork. These basic work were under standard control and left the food color. They are still far away, not to mention artistic creation and intellectual performance at high latitudes. The implication is that the best food is a high-intelligence business, and the current level of intelligence of AI artificial robots cannot be achieved. The best food is inseparable from the craftsmanship and creativity of the masters, and the wisdom and creativity contained in it are even more impressive.

Zhen Mei Mei is a major element of gourmet cuisine. The fish belly is one of the eight treasures, and it is topped with a large body color. As early as 1600 years ago, in the Han Dynasty’s “The Name of the World”, there was a record of processing edible fish belly. Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “The sputum is flat, sweet, non-toxic, cures the wounds and sputum, stops vomiting blood, disperses blood, eliminates swollen poison, Fuxi sand.” Dry hair is one of the famous official dishes. The home dish is a must. The honeycomb-shaped fish belly of the crab-flavored fish belly completely absorbs the essence of the golden broth, the color is fresh and tender, the taste is smooth and the taste is mellow. Tan Jiacai is the family banquet of the late Qing dynasty Tan Zongxi. The abalone is the main cooking object, and he is good at cooking and cooking. Tan Zongxi entered Beijing as an official in the role of the second-in-command. He devoted his life to cherish the delicious taste, studied cooking techniques, and created Tan Jiacai, which is based on high-end ingredients and has a complicated and elaborate production process. In 1954, Tan Jiacai entered the Beijing Hotel under the care of Premier Zhou and officially became one of the national banquet dishes for foreign guests. I used to eat the authentic Tanjia cuisine in the Michelin two-star Jinghuaxuan. The yellow squid wings, the scallions, the red ginseng and the pine mushroom soup are all extraordinary.

I once ate a “best roast goose rice”, which is a traditional Cantonese dish, which can be seen in the streets of Guangdong. The common roast goose is spiced, boiled, skinned, marinated, and then sent to the oven for roasting. Wait until the cortex is roasted to golden, and the scent is overflowing. The best-selling goose rice is extremely particular about raw materials. The Magang goose in Magang Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province is selected. This goose fat and thin proportion is just a big advantage, the meat is clear, and it is one of the four famous geese in Guangdong. In addition to baking, the secret spices are marinated and must be baked in a specially made lychee oven. The history of roasting chicken and roast goose in Litchi in Guangdong can be traced back to 500 years ago. After a historical test, the scent of lychee and roast goose is most consistent. In order to produce the most wonderful chemical reaction with the goose, this part of the lychee wood needs to be exposed to the natural environment for a year and a long time, to remove the woody smell, and to emit pure woody fragrance when roasting the goose, with the goose The meat chorus and the sound. Speaking of this, in fact, this dish was only half done. The finest foods are well-received in many aspects such as ingredients, cooking, ingredients, and creativity. The oil and water that the goose oozes during the baking process is collected and dripped into the rice. The most amazing thing is that the whole dish of roast goose is covered with black truffles. No matter where you are in the restaurant, you won’t miss the black truffle aroma. The black truffle aroma and the woody fragrance of the roast goose are like a natural, so the innovation of this mix of Chinese and Western is really amazing. Black truffles have become “black diamonds” on the table because of their unique fragrance. They are also rare gifts that cannot be planted in an orderly manner. The best roast goose rice was created by the famous Cantonese chef Tan Guofeng. He advocated that the theme of the main ingredients is clear and the ingredients are relaxed. Roasting geese in this dish is a clear theme, and the black truffles have the magical effect of finishing the finishing touch. Over time, I still can’t forget the aroma of black truffles, and the entrance of the goose meat roasted with lychee wood, which stimulates the tenderness and tenderness of the goose.

Australian chef George Crombil said that a kitchen is a place for creativity and dreams. We are not here to make a stomach full of food but to enrich the heart and soul, constantly challenge the possibilities, never stop. As he said, another great feature of gourmet cuisine is that innovation brings surprises. Only by grasping the original flavour of the ingredients can you stand firm and innovative. French foie gras jasmine chicken soup, this dish looks like soup clear water, light colour like tea, but the taste is shocked to heaven. The part that is as light as white water is actually a chicken soup, a spoonful of the entrance, beautiful and refined, with a delicate and fresh taste. The production process of clear chicken soup has taken a lot of effort. First, select the finest scallops, ham and other auxiliary materials into the chicken soup. Next, the golden chicken soup prepared by simmering is cut into a net shape with chicken breast meat to absorb excess impurities, so that the soup base gradually becomes cloudy. Finally, the treatment of the foie gras part added the ingredients of egg white to reduce the original fatty taste of the foie gras, and finally form a delicate balance with the chicken soup. It is a soup that touches the soul. In the eyes of Tan Jiacai’s descendant and catering master Liu Guozhu, the best food is in the process of cooking, the characteristics of the food are scaled and justified.

The home-baked sea cucumber stewed peanuts are inspired by Sichuan famous dish “Home Chang Haisheng”. The shrimp skin, spinach seedlings, black truffles and oxtail meat are embedded in the sea and then fried with French pancake skin. The external taste is crisp and crisp. The flesh is solid and presented in Joel Robuchon’s French style. In conjunction with the season’s peanut sauce, the season’s peanuts are specially selected. After roasting, put the chicken soup in a small fire and simmer it slowly, then make it into a sauce, and match with the sea cucumber. It is delicious and delicious.

The combination of Chinese and Western cooking methods, trace the roots of the source and preserve the original taste of the ingredients is also a feature of the best food. Pepper and wild mushroom duck liver jelly is a classic work by Chinese famous chef Jiang Zhencheng. It has been sought after by high-end diners since its inception in 1997. Since the closure of the two-star RESTAURANT ANDRE in Singapore, this classic dish has also been adjusted to include the peppercorns. I have tasted this dish in a RESTAURANT ANDRE and Chuanjiangyue. I feel that the pepper and wild ducks with the pepper element are more beautiful and delicious. The rare bear’s paw in the altitude of Yunnan, Sichuan, is matched with duck liver, which is dense and delicate. A pepper instantly makes the overall taste refreshing. Duck liver mixed with eggs after low-temperature treatment, cooking method draws on the Western concept, low-temperature slow cooking can maximize the taste of the original source of food.

The secret spicy king crab, the white meat of the king crab is brushed on the soul of Sichuan cuisine – five years old, the county bean paste is baked, in the process of baking, the king crab meat gradually absorbs the unique aroma of bean paste. It complements the fresh sweetness of crab meat itself. After roasting, the crab-leg meat is then fried in a wok by Cantonese cooking. It is served with the rare Japanese blue-finned tuna fish sauce. It bites down and the typhoon-style meringue is crispy and delicious. The meat is fresh and delicate, and it is a perfect interpretation of the Chinese cuisine of foreign ingredients.


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